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What is ID2ID?

The ID2ID program provides instructional designers an opportunity to engage a community of  colleagues across higher education institutions that share the same passion for advancing teaching and learning.

This program is designed to help participants grow professionally by focusing on common areas of interest: faculty development, academic transformation, digital literacies, accessibility, assessment, open education, and learning spaces, among others.

Program participants are paired into mentor, mentee, or peer relationships and work together toward building personalized program goals that directly tailor the experience for specific professional development interests.

2018-2019 Program Year

Applications for the 2018-2019 ID2ID Peer Mentoring Program are now closed. Accepted applicants will be notified by the Advisory Committee in June prior to the kick-off of the program.

Please note that not all applicants will be accepted due to pairing logistics and the scale of the program at this time. It is important that every pair is matched based on the guidelines of the program.

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Solve new problems

Gain perspectives from experienced learning designers who can share practical examples of real-world learning design challenges.

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Contribute to a growing field

Take an active role in spreading new information throughout your profession. Help develop new paths for an evolving learning design role.

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Be part of a bigger conversation

Explore the world of instructional design through interactions with others and gain exposure to challenges and opportunities that surround key topics of interest.

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Meet people

Real people. Connect with others that share your passion for enabling great teaching and learning.

If you have questions, please contact the Advisory Committee ID2ID@psu.edu.