Meet the Advisory Committee

The ID2ID Advisory Committee is made up of experienced instructional designers who guide and grow the ID2ID Program. Members of the working Advisory Committee help organize the program, work with program participants, guide the direction of cohort events, and collaborate with other committee members to help improve ID2ID. This committee has significant impact on the design and success of this new program.

ID2ID 2019-2020 Advisory Committee:

Brian Wilson, University Nebraska-Lincoln

Carine Ullom, Ottawa University

Christopher Bundy, University Wisconsin-Madison

Danielle Mirliss, Seton Hall University

Melody Buckner, The University of Arizona

Veronica Diaz, EDUCAUSE

Angela Dick, Penn State University

Flower Darby, Northern Arizona University

Robert Gibson, Emporia State University

Shana Cambell, EDUCAUSE

Georgette Nicolaides, Cornell University

Michael Abulencia, Airservices Australia

If you have questions, please contact the Advisory Committee

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